Friday, October 2, 2009


Hello again, everyone!

Here's where I need all of your help. I'm going to be asking a number of questions on "superstitions," and I'd really appreciate it if you'd reply to the questions. I'm going to be getting answers from other sources as well, but it'd be nice to hear from you all as well. =)

Please remember that I want answers from ANYONE of ANY ethnic background. This isn't a "minority only" type thing. This is an everyone type thing. ;) Just preface your reply by saying what culture you're representing. For example, I will be representing Mexican-American culture. Also, when answering these questions, try to remember what your parents used to tell you. It's implied in all of the questions.

1. Are there any items/occurrences that bring you luck? Any that bring you bad luck?
Example answer: If you step on a crack, you'll break your mother's back! No, seriously. This isn't a cute rhyme. She won't be able to walk right ever again.

2. You're feeling sick with a _________ (cold, flu, stomachache, etc.). What is/are the first thing(s) your mom/dad/other relative reached for? Was there any procedure s/he went through to help you feel better?
Example answer: When my sister had a rash, my grandmother told my mom about this crazy mixture of nasty things for my sister to drink and get better. Turns out, it was supposed to be a lotion.

3. You have the hiccups. How do you cure them?
Example answer: stare at someone directly in the face, and you'll be so distracted that you'll lose your hiccups. This also works for creepy stalkers. Turn the weird back on them!

4. You have money. Is there anything in particular that you must do to ensure its safety?
Example answer: Never put your purse on the ground. That means you'll go bankrupt. Apparently, invisible underground gremlins will steal your stuff.

5. It's a baby/pregnancy! Is there anything in particular you must/must not do for s/he to be happy, healthy, or anything else? This is in regards to expecting mommies, families, friends, and passersby.
Example answer: There are certain foods you must eat in order for the baby to have good eyesight. There are many others still to ensure good hearing, a good immune system, good hair, etc.

Feel free to make your answers as long as you want! Any replies are helpful. =)


  1. This is really interesting, but unfortunately we don't have that many interesting superstitions in my family. I think I can try to answer a few questions though.
    I'm representing Caucasian/African-American.

    1. We eat black-eyed peas on new year's day for good luck. (I think that may be a southern thing)

    4. This isn't necessarily to ensure your safety for money, but on New Year's day we also eat collard greens for financial luck.

  2. I think Whitney is right because my family does the same thing on new year's day!