Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hey, guys! Now with Thanksgiving coming up, I figured it was a good time to ask the food questions already. Well...not that everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, but we all enjoy some yummy cooking every once in a while. =)

Warning: answering these questions may make you very, very hungry!

1. You're having dinner with your family! Is it a home-cooked meal?

2. Name some of your favorite dinner dishes--home-cooked only, please.

3. What do you typically eat for breakfast? Just name some of your usual breakfast meals.

4. What about your lunch meals? Do they differ from your dinner dishes?

5. As a child, did you have to help out in the kitchen?

6. Did you drink anything with your meals? If so, what?
This could be alcohol, water, milk, Kool-Aid, a soft drink, etc.

7. In your family, is it acceptable to drink alcohol? Is it acceptable to drink it before 21? If so, how old is old enough?

8. After dinner, do you usually eat dessert? If so, what is a typical dessert dish?

9. What utensils do you use to eat?
Example: some Asian families only use chopsticks.

10. How did you learn how to cook (if you know)? Are there any recipes that are passed down in your family?

11. Name some typical side dishes.
Example: corn, rice, baked potato, etc.

-- --

That's all I have! Please answer these questions so that I may write a blog about cultural differences in food. =) I'll probably be doing a bit of research in addition to the answers I get. Speaking of which, the dating/marriage post is on the way! I recently did some research on dating traditions among Middle Eastern Asian cultures, and I thought it was really interesting. I'll see if I can get enough information to share with you all.

Also, I just wanted to give an update about my boyfriend. He's still in the hospital because he caught a bad case of pneumonia. =( It's really not good, considering he's trying to recover from a heart attack and is coughing badly. Fortunately, they did a lot of E.K.G.s and such, and he has very minimal heart damage. As long as he goes to rehab and takes his medicine, he should be able to make a full recovery in a few months.

Hooray! Thank you all for your kind wishes. =)



  1. This is a good idea!
    1. We eat together most every night and it's almost always homecooked. We're broke lol and daddy's an amazing cook.
    2. Daddy makes this dish he calls Hash, but isn't the traditional hash. it's almost like a chicken and hotsauce soup. It sounds gross, but trust me, it's NOT.
    3. I generally skip breakfast, but when we all eat together, Mama cooks some awesome eggs!
    4. Lunch is a choose your own adventure situation.
    5. We had to wash dishes lol
    6 and 7. We just drank tea mostly. We don't drink at my house. Papa was an alcoholic, so we never saw much good in it.
    8. We're generally too full to eat dessert!
    9.We just used regular silverware lol
    10. french fries, mac and cheese, biscuits...

    I'm glad your boyfriend is recovering!!

  2. I figured this was suiting to answer while I'm eating. Sorry if I ramble a bit!

    1. Yes. Growing up it was a very rare occasion to order or pick up fast food and even more rare to go to a sit down dinner.

    2. Nacho Potato Soup, pizza, pasta and spaghetti sauce (the sauce is home-made) I really could go on. My mom's a good cook and I only get her cooking when I can make it home now a days.

    3. Cereal, oatmeal, pop-tarts, yogurt

    4. I'm awful about eating lunch. It's really whatever I've got around if I'm at work/class, usually granola bars. If I'm at home then maybe soup or something. But when I'm at work/class all day, I'm typically just really hungry for dinner.

    5. Yes. Mostly it was doing the dishes, setting the table, or cleaning up after dinner. But if there was any chopping or simple tasks we could do.

    6. We did. Usually it depended on what we had, be it juice, milk or water. Soda we had a rule that we could have more than one a day, if we had any.

    7. This is tricky. Be it some blend of being Irish Catholic from the north, we don't talk much about alcohol (and various other things). My mom doesn't drink so there wasn't anything around when I lived at home. I think my mom believed that drinking under 21 was going to happen. So she just warned us to make wise choices. But I don't believe we could have gotten away with it until we were college age and away from home. On the other hand my dad bought me liquor while under age.

    8. When I was a kid we had a bedtime snack which would have been a dessert, but not right after dinner. Maybe cookies or ice cream.

    9. Typical silverware

    10. My mom has given me some recipes and random tips while growing up. If I want to try something new I tend to go to the Campbell's website for ideas.

    11. Salad, bread, mashed potatoes, and any sort of veggie. I believe every dinner we had growing up always had some sort of veggie side dish.